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          Left to their own devices, most addicts/ alcoholics are unable to ever make the decision to get help. As a result families and friends suffer right along with the dependent.
        The good news from the national institute on drug abuse, (NIDA), is that not only intervention, (professionally facilitated), a proven technique is arresting the disease of alcoholism/ drug addiction. Statistics also show that long term recovery can also be the outcome of a well orchestrated intervention.
          At Coast 2 Coast Interventions, our team of professionals has helped thousands of addicts and their families come to terms with their powerlessness over addiction through alcohol and drug intervention. As a result, we've seen people from all walks of life—men and women, alcoholics and addicts, executives and teenagers—stop the downward spiral and take the first and most important step toward recovery.
          Each of our staff members have over 20 years in the field, and are qualified to conduct interventions nationwide. We have collectively facilitated over a thousand successful interventions… We have hundreds of references and testimonials. Call today for a no obligation consultation.


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INTERVENTIONS letter from BL to Mike T

To whom it may concern;

This letter is to explain the experience that I had recently, participating in an intervention in New York City with Mike Torricelli.

I work an Employee Assistance Unit for a Police Department and help fellow police officers from many police agencies get help with alcohol and prescription medication addiction. I am responsible for the chemical dependency health of many thousands of sworn and civilian employees.

 I first had the honor of meeting Mike in 2008 while helping an employee get help with chemical dependency. When I met Mike and learned that he was an interventionist, I asked him to train me in intervention so that I could subsequently use those skills to help the employees I work with and their families. Mike enthusiastically agreed to help train me for free, a service that private consultants charge thousands for. He then told me that he would soon find a client that would agree for me to observe an intervention. Within a few weeks, Mike had given me close to twenty hours of free training and helped me over the phone to set up and conduct several interventions for department employees (both of which were successful). My supervision at work was extremely supportive, enthusiastic and grateful for this help as was I.

One day, I got a call and Mike said that he had an intervention to do involving a police officer in New York City. He said that he believed that I must be destined to go with him. When I told Mike that I was not sure if I could afford to go, he told me that he would pay my way. Two days later I was on a plane to
New York with a master interventionist. Mike was on the phone with the family from the moment we landed. I was amazed at how much the human beings involved really mattered to him. The family meeting was so powerful. The strength and unity of the family began to grow during the family meeting and continued to synergize right into the intervention.

Ultimately, the impact on the police officer was life altering and he accepted help as a result of the experience. The fact that I was there, a fellow police officer and recovering alcoholic, gave the intervention an added advantage as well. And although I don't think Mike needed me to be successful, this was an advantage that Mike was willing to pay over a thousand dollars out of his own pocket for. It was also an amazing learning experience for me as well.

Since Mike and I have met, I have conducted three interventions with his guidance. All have been successful. Including two where the family said to me "there is no way that this is going to work." My department and I am personally and professionally far better for having met Mike Torricelli. I think that the above letter speaks for itself. I am happy to speak with any client that is considering using Mike and my personal cell number is available from him upon your request.

I highly encourage you to experience the power and transformative effect first hand that this process can
produce, if you have someone in your life that that is slowly dying of this disease. There is an alternative to that death. I have had the honor and privilege to see a number of them. With Mike's help and the power of love and family, intervention is a certainty.



To Whom It May Concern:

You can only feel a Mothers heart ache when she finds out that her only child is a drug addict at the age of 36. A son that is a college graduate & spoke in public places about keeping your children off drugs and alcohol.

 Within a year and a half what he had done to himself and his family is just too disturbing to talk about. All we knew was something had to be done.

 My niece decided to search the internet for interventions. My niece and I talked to several people but just did not get the right answers. Then we came across Mike, what a life savor. We connected with him right away and we just knew he was the one. He gave us advice on how to handle situations and answered all our questions.

 We called Mike on a Monday morning and he was in Pittsburgh by Tuesday. Family and friends meet with Mike the next morning and went over all that was expected of us. He told us how to go about the letters we were going to read to Joe and some great hints on how to react. Everything went great, we all cried even my son. The worse was yet to come, would he leave with Mike? Mike then took Joe for a walk outside. We were inside not ever thinking Joe would go. When they came back in to our surprise Joe said yes.

 My Son and Mike hit it off so well I knew everything was going to be okay. He has been gone since Oct. 3rd and it is Dec. 18. I talked to Mike about 4 times a week and also to my son.

Thank you so much Mike for just being you and deciding the facility that was best for him.


From: Susan C
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 5:43:53 PM
Subject: Mike Torricelli Intervention

Hello Nick,

My name is Sue and my daughter just had an intervention with Mike Torricelli on Thursday.

I know what a stressful time this is and the decisions are so difficult to make.I never really considered having an intervention for my daughter, and really did not know much about the process. My family is a close-knit Italian family, some of whom knew that Lindsey had problems, and some who I think were somewhat shocked...because no one really talked about it, even though we could all see how much she'd changed and how bad things had gotten.  But everyone came together to show Lindsey how much she was loved and how much we all want her to be better.

Mike Torricelli was extremely supportive and guided the intervention in a caring and dignified manner.  It was very emotional and many tears were shed.  We knew that it would be difficult for my father to get through-- so he chose not to attend. He has a soft heart, and knew he would not be able to see her cry.  But all her aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends were there and the letters that they all read were very touching and in the end, Lindsey decided on her own that she wanted to go to California and work on getting better.
I truly believe that without the intervention, we would have had to drag her to the car kicking and screaming. Plus, I think that since she had the intervention, she is more open to the process at the facility where she went. In fact, the therapist called me on her first day and said she was really amazed how open Lindsey was, and that she was not isolating herself, but participating.

 I think that she is getting more out of her first week there, than if she went unwillingly and had to be convinced to stay.  So the cost of the intervention was well worth it in our eyes.

Mike Torricelli connected with her right away, and got her to trust him.  He conducted the intervention in a way that made everyone feel accepted and comfortable.  At the airport, she happily got out of the car and went to check in.

 Mike was there to answer all our questions, and has followed up several times since he took her there. I am feeling so much better now, knowing that she is in good hands, and most of all, that she now sees why she needs help.   Please feel free to call me or my husband, Mike at any time. We'd be happy to talk to you about our experience.

Susan Calhoun


From: Barbara B
Sent: Monday, December 3, 2007 7:51:33 PM
Subject: the intervention process

December 3, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

The week of Thanksgiving was a week of terror for me. My beloved son, J, the father of a four month old son, turned into someone I had never met. He told me he cared about nothing except his dog. He didn't go to work.  He said he sat by the freeway and contemplated walking in front of a fast moving truck, but none came by. He was drinking and doing drugs.

My sister, a psychotherapist, investigated interventionists. I knew little about them, but felt we had no time to wait.  She spoke to Mike Torricelli after she found him online. Mike spoke to my sister, to me, and my son's wife for lengthy periods of time. We were all impressed with his insight, experience and confidence.  He was always available when we called him.  We decided to go ahead with the intervention. He also gave us references to contact.

Mike told us the detailed process.  We would first meet with about 8 people who cared about my son.  All would have written letters in the format Mike detailed for us.  He had me rewrite my letter because I left out a lot of important details. After the meeting at my house, we went to my son's house. He was surprised, but relieved and cooperative.  The reading of the letters brought tears to my son and most of the others present.  Mike guided the intervention with great finesse.  In the end it was a perfect success and he took J to the sober house he had helped us select.

I visited my son after a week in the sober house.  He seems like his old self.  Mike continues to talk to J, to me, to my son's wife, and my sister.  I am convinced that the intervention process can be very successful.   

Barbara B.

To: Mike T

I appreciate very much all you have done to help Joshua and our family.  I know we have a long road ahead, but at least we have begun.  I spoke with Josh yesterday and he sounded really good. He said that he had met guys like him and no longer felt like he is the only one. Thank you for all your help. I appreciate that you are staying in touch with Josh and

Barbara and Kaye.

( Vivian is a psychologist!)
March 21, 2009


Mr. Mike Torricelli
Laguna Recovery Center
316 Thalia St .
Laguna Beach , CA  92651

Dear Mike,

Thanks again for the wonderful experience you provided for all of us at the intervention.In the beginning I didnt even know what an intervention meant.  I read the definition and saw your presentation on the internet and got a basic idea of what was involved.  Truthfully I was unsure how an interventionist could possibly help us.

I cant possibly tell you how helpful and instructive you were in walking us through a process that we knew very little about.  The day of the intervention was a hard day, but having you there was a huge relief.  You were able to work through potentially difficult situations in a calm and compassionate manner.  Also, your help in the preparation, rehearsal and letter writing technique was instrumental in the successful outcome of the intervention.

I can’t find the words to express how thankful we are that you persuaded my daughter to take the first step on the road to recovery for alcoholism.   I would also like to thank you for your ongoing support and updates on her progress

I would highly recommend your services and the Laguna Recovery Center to anyone without reservation.  I look forward to our continuing friendship in the future.

Don L. and family